About the Author

Dr. Lynn Migdal graduated from the New York School of Chiropractic in 1981. Her fresh outlook on improving Neurological Fitness, Spinal Hygiene, and Disease Prevention has helped thousands of people, young and old alike,  to live up to their highest physical and mental potential. Over the past 29 years she has owned and directed three successful Natural Healing Centers in Delray Beach, Florida. Amongst her peers and patients she is well regarded for her Holistic views on Fitness and Health.

The programs she offers are exciting, fun, and educational.  They are packed with information on health and wellness which people of all ages can enjoy.  Dr. Migdal teaches the truth about the body’s Natural Inborn Ability to heal itself,  which, when combined with her Wellness and Fitness Programs, allows the individual to achieve  success in all areas of life. As a result of Dr. Migdal’s various programs, many of her students and patients have weaned themselves off potentially harmful drugs. Others have been able to bypass surgical procedures that became unnecessary due to the benefits they received under her expert guidance.

Dr. Migdal is the author of “Wind Kissed,” which is a self empowering children’s fantasy novel.  She has also written a book for women entitled “Women’s Natural Wellness Guide to Greatness.” This simple guide book teaches women of all ages how to increase their Total Fitness and Health! One of her passions is to help students to reach their highest potential which the subject of her latest guidebook, “Student’s Natural Guide to Greatness”.

In addition to her writing accomplishments, Dr. Migdal is also an expert in the field of Family Wellness. She is a Doctor of Chiropractic, a Reiki and Chiro-Chi Master, an Energy Intuitive, a Holistic Healer, and a Life Coach.  She is a great source of healing to all those she touches with her knowledge, her inspiring lectures and numerous holistic programs.  Dr. Migdal encourages the individual to take the “holistic approach” to life and healing so he or she can experience the great benefit of peace and total wellness.