Embrace the ChiroChi™ Lifestyle All Day Long!

Remember that the first three letters of Chiropractic are Chi!

Many people seeking health are taking Yoga classes and are experiencing its healthy benefits of spiritual, emotional and physical bliss. Yoga taps into the magic of healing spinal positions, a relaxed mind and the power of one’s breath. Some do Yoga three hours a week, some an hour a day.

Many people seeking health are also choosing Tai Chi classes. Like Yoga, Tai Chi works with healing postures, slow movements and the magic of one’s breath. Through its circulation of breath and slow flowing dance like movements, many are experiencing healing on spiritual, emotional and physical levels. Tai Chi is becoming very popular and some take classes three hours a week, some an hour a day.


ChiroChi is similar to Yoga and Tai Chi because it also concentrates on the healing of the mind, body and spirit using spinal healing postures, conscious, connected circular breathing and emotional fitness. ChiroChi is the conscious choice to be a Tai Chi/Yoga Master all day long and not just at a class or when watching a video.

I am known as a ChiroSpirit. I teach the true principles of Chiropractic! ChiroChi is the spirit of Chiropractic! Chi means life flow and that is what Chiropractic honors and assists during Neurological tune ups. A ChiroCh lifestyle is the conscious practice of choosing healing spinal breaths, postures, foods and thoughts all day long.

If the Chinese spend a lot of time practicing Tai Chi and Yogis meditate all day in yoga positions, why does the modern western man and woman choose this practice for only a couple of hours a week?

ChiroChi is where the Western practice of Chiropractic meets the magic of Eastern Yoga and Tai Chi. During my 30 years as a Chiropractor, I have tuned up hundreds of Yoga and Tai Chi Masters with Chiropractic Care. The valuable understanding of the position of the spinal chord and spinal nerves is very important to those who Master and teach these eastern methods of healing. Many believe that if they spend only one hour on their spinal positions in Yoga or Tai Chi classes that they are neurologically fit. If Yoga Masters and Tai Chi Masters go to the Chiropractor for neurological and spinal tune ups, then why don’t western students of Yoga and Tai Chi understand the importance of doing the same?

I find it difficult to understand why Western Chiropractic is so ignored when its teachings are the same as the popular eastern ones. I hear it all the time. “I don’t need to go to a Chiropractor, I have no pain and I do Yoga three times a week.” Chiropractic represents the non-symptomatic approach to health and promotes holistic neurological fitness. Please consider that alot  of your nervous system does not have pain receptors, so you can be unhealthy and not know it. Chiropractic and ChiroChi can take you from the symptomatic sickness consciousness to one of wellness. Higher levels of greatness can be achieved when you accept the lifestyle of the non-symptomatic pathway to holistic health. The ChiroChi lifestyle of greatness requires that we stay conscious of our breath, spinal positions, nutrition, thoughts and emotions all day long.

So how do we take Yoga and Tai Chi and combine them into an all day ChiroChi lifestyle? The spinal hygiene and conscious breath work of ChiroChi is what you choose to practice when your class or DVD is over--and you choose to do it all day long.

Do you think that a one-hour class can heal you if you sit at a computer in a twisted posture, clenching your jaw for six hours a day?

Do you think that a one-hour video can heal you if you worry all day and are holding your breath while not practicing proper spinal hygiene?

Do you think a one- hour class three times a week or every day can undue twelve hours of negative thinking, breath holding and being hunched over a lap top or cell phone?

Do you think a one-hour-a-day-practice can undue forty eight hours of anger and resentment that some hold onto before they allow forgiveness and gratitude to flow into their hearts?

ChiroChi is remembering to be thankful for all your lessons and gifts and to practice your spinal hygiene by tipping your chin off of your throat, stretching your shoulders backwards, relaxing your knees, balancing your hips, unclenching your jaw, taking long circular and deep spinal breaths and choosing the healthy bliss of Yoga and Tai Chi all day long. I call this reaction to life The Dancing Sacral-Cranial Spinal Breath.

You were born with a sacral-cranial pump (pelvis-head) that assists the flow of cerebral spinal fluid up and down your spinal cord from your pelvis to your head. This pump is activated by our breath. When we have bad posture, and hold our breath, our sacral-cranial pump slows down and we have less energy going to our cells and more disease. Breath is life, and we need to choose to take extra breaths and hold healthy spinal postures all day long if we want to promote health in our bodies and in our lives.

The Chiro Chi Lifestyle can be learned at our center and teaches  how Chiropractors, their families and their patients are able to stay off of harmful drugs, prevent dis-ease,  and live a Naturally healthy life. Chiropractor's children are some of the smartest and healthiest on the planet and prove everday that Chiropractic and the Chiro Chi lifestyle is one of the most successful ways to bring up children naturally.

 Chiro Chi Sessions are  from 30 minutes to 2 hours long.  Sacral Cranial Spinal Regenerative Breath Work,  Reiki,  Color Aroma Chakra Empowerment, Aura Cleaning and Deep Healing  Forgiveness Freedom Release, are some of the healing techniques that Chiro Chi Masters  use to empower the natural healing process. Nutritional Evaluations and Spinal Hygiene lessons are also incorporated into Chiro Chi Sessions!

Chi is  the first three letters of chiropractic.........Chiropractors keep your chi flowing.........the vital life force in all of us is waiting to express its greatnes.......get  adjusted by a great Chiropractor.....Practice Chiro Chi........a consciousness of health and healing all day long!