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Dr. Lynn Migdal graduated from the New York School of Chiropractic in 1981. Her fresh outlook on improving Neurological Fitness, Health, Wellness, and Disease Prevention has helped thousands of people, young and old alike, to live up to their highest physical and mental potential. Over the past 30 years she has owned and directed three successful Natural Healing Centers in Delray Beach, Florida. Amongst her peers, corporate clients and patients she is well regarded for her Holistic Wellness views on Fitness and Health.

The programs she offers are exciting, fun, and educational.  They are packed with information on health and wellness which people of all ages can enjoy.  Dr. Migdal teaches the truth about the body’s Natural Inborn Ability to heal itself, which, when combined with her Wellness and Fitness Programs, allows the individual to achieve success in all areas of life. As a result of Dr. Migdal’s various programs, many of her students, corporate clients and patients have weaned themselves off potentially harmful drugs. Others have been able to bypass surgical procedures that became unnecessary due to the benefits they received under her expert guidance.

Corporate and Business Clients benefit from her programs and trainings as they help to create happy and healthy executives and employees, increase production, and decrease sick and injury days. When you are looking to make or save money, she is the sought after speaker/trainer who can raise your corporation’s level of Wellness and help you to create success with your dreams and goals.

Trauma comes in many forms and is not limited to physical events. 

Many have suffered, physically, emotionally, or spiritually, and are in a constant state of anxiety, depression and disease.  Untreated trauma can create major distress at home and in the workplace.

The causes are multiple, and those who suffer may not know the cause. As a Health and Wellness Expert, “Natural Neurologist”, Chiropractic Physician, Dr. Lynn Migdal has helped thousands to find their flow, and to move through the trauma that is adversely affecting their personal and professional lives. Dr. Migdal has developed the tools to help her clients effectively live free of the negative influences of their past experiences.  Her unique, and life-changing approach is revolutionary and produces tangible results.

Having experienced the loss of her husband, two daughters and two homes in an unexpected and catastrophic mudslide in Canada, Dr. Lynn is a professional and personal expert in the management and flow of the great stress of change. She has adopted specific tools to help her clients adapt, overcome and recover, in spite of adversity. She teaches Neurological Recovery and Resiliency techniques that help individuals and businesses to stay strong before, during and after possible disasters.  Her latest book, Breath for Success: Harnessing the Power of Flow will be out in the summer of 2019. A link to her other books can be found at


Some of her pertinent topics include;


The Power Of Breath and Posture- The Rejuvenation Power Duo for Overall Health and Well-Being

Natural Stress Solutions and Self-Empowerment

Recovery in the Face of Trauma and Loss

Holistic Fitness for Successful Leadership

Breath and Posture- The Rejuvenation Power of the Vagus Nerve and Techno Abuse

Increase Your Natural Immunity- Heal from the Inside Out

 Please contact her with any questions at 561-322-6735, or email her at and visit