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Looking Up! - The Movement
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Looking Up! - The Movement

 My name is Dr. Lynn Migdal and I have been a licensed Chiropractor in Palm Beach County since 1981. As a “Natural Neurologist” and Holistic Fitness and Wellness expert, I am seeking your help. We have a health and educational crisis on our hands in this country! There is a tragic lack of knowledge about the topic of choosing “poor spinal hygiene” (unhealthy spinal postures) when using smart phones and other forms of modern technology and its unhealthy consequences.  When we choose Unhealthy Neurological Spinal Postures we can be causing  chemical, mental, and emotional imbalances and stress. learning disabilities, decreased natural immunity and impair ones innate potential to thrive on all levels.  

Our nervous system controls the body's energy flow and the higher functioning of its cells, organs and other systems. The important protective backbone of this system is our   Spine.   As human beings, our normal neck curvature is not anatomically healthy when we are spending long period of time looking down. "Text Neck " or "Tech Neck" a new disease in our modern society is a result of looking down and hunching over while texting, talking, and playing on the cell phone, computers and any other portable devices. This is a serious epidemic in our society and it is hurting everyone’s ability to live a healthy peaceful life. One does not have to experience pain to be this disease as many of our nerves do not have pain receptors. Pressured Spinal Nerves caused by unhealthy postural choices can be a stressful, slow, silent detriment to one’s potential and can be prevented with proper guidance and education.

I am dedicating my future professional life to educating the masses on how to choose healthy postures, thoughts, attitudes and breaths when using technology. Empowerment of one’s Nervous System is a choice that one can choose when one is correctly educated.

I would like to meet and speak to you about bringing this mission into your schools, broadcasting and workplace.   

This new and innovative movement is called Looking Up!  “Looking Up” is a movement dedicated to informing all ages how to correct and prevent problems from the misuse and overuse of modern technology.

I have been a Professional Dancer, Chiropractor, Breath Coach, Educator, and Holistic Fitness Expert for over 35 years. I have created the humorous slogan that one must Look up from technology and start to “Dance with your Cell Phone” in hopes of creating  healthy, happy people catalyzing a peaceful world. “Dancing with your Cellphone” is a humorous way of combining a serious problem with an entertaining educative solution. Dancers have the core strength and flexibility to hold their chins up off of their throats and lift up their cellphones to eye level.

If we can laugh and realize that our cell phones have become our new abusive life partners, we can then choose to lift them up to eye level, and choose postures where we can breathe fully!

Like the old adage says, “It takes a village to raise a child”.  Children are our future and they deserve the chance to live healthy, balanced and safe lives.  Please allow us the chance and opportunity to provide this educational awareness for your office, students, staff, colleagues, and broadcasting network. We will be holding contests in our school systems and worldwide for the best song, dance and video for this “Looking Up” movement. Videos and Still photos on the World Wide Web will catapult this important message with humor and entertainment. We hope to get our youth involved in spreading this very important message, creating entertaining short videos, helping it to go viral and creating a future where it is healthy and cool to hold your phone up.

I am available to meet and speak with you about this on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 1:30 and 2:30 p.m.; and anytime on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  If you have any questions, please call   my cell phone at (561) 322-6735.  Thank you in advance for your support.  


Dr.  Lynn Migdal

Why look down when you can look up?