Services Offered


Migdal Chiropractic and Family Wellness Center is a is a modern facility known for its large range of Chiropractic techniques and other services. Specific Traditional Chiropractic Spinal Adjustments are available along with the most modern GENTLE,Chiropractic Care. We have many "Non Twisting" techniques to serve your health care needs. Our traditional Chiropractic Adjustments are also smoothe, gentle and very specific and safe. We honor your choice in Chiropractic Care!




Other Services


            Holistic Consultations- Learn what foods, thoughts and postures might be hurting you and your family! Find out what   Foods, Thoughts, and Postures might help you and your family to be healthier and achieve higher levels of Natural Immunity.

  • ChiroChi Sessions- Gentle Energy Medicine- Enjoy a one half hour , one hour, or 90 minute, holistic healing session that incorporates,Reiki, Sacral-Cranial Breathwork, integrative massage with a Gentle Chiropractic Energy  tune up!
  • Complementary Classes- Please call 561-278-2224 to find out the schedule for this month's Natural Healing 101 classes. This is a one hour class packed with very valuable information on how to heal yourself safe and naturally!
  • Workshops- Please call and find out about our  three hour and one day workshops that incorporate color therapy, deep energy breath therapy (Rebirthing), aromatherapy, Forgiveness and Chiro-Chi!
  • Nutrition- One hour consultations and testing for you and your family. We believe nutrition should be totatlly specific for you and we only provide specific nutritional advice for your body type, personality, and blood type.